Mrs. TariqHome Maker
I was recommended to go and see Dr. Nehal for my children a year back. I have seen a lot of improvement in my children in this one year. The progress has been far better than the years they spent in any other therapies. It is a pleasure seeing my children making a continual progress in their speech and language skills. They enjoy their therapy sessions with Dr. Nehal and look forward to it.
Rukshana KapadiaBanker.
A lot has been said about Nehal in the previous pages. All of it is true. I have been bringing my son to Nehal for over a year now. Not only has his speech improved by leap and bounds, his overall personality have also improved tremendously. The great thing about Nehal is that besides being a wonderful therapist, she also takes immense interest in the overall aspect of one’s development. I think this is a real unique trait and don’t see that kind of genuiness elsewhere.

Thank you Nehal for your support & guidance!
N MManager
I was referred to Dr. Nehal Kothari by my vocal surgeon due to small granuloma on my left vocal cord. I am thankful for sending me to her for Speech therapy. Few sessions and my granuloma is gone.

She also taught me how to talk in a right manner without stressing my vocal cords. She is a thorough professional at the same time you will feel very comfortable with her discussing your problem.

I would like to thank her for all that she has done to make my vocal cords stress free and alright. Best Regards.
Anurag BhuwaniaStudent
Dr. Nehal had helped me tremendously in my speech. Before starting therapy I was unconfident, ashamed of my speech (I used to stammer a lot), but now I’m much more fluent and confident. I am able to communicate more freely now and no longer is the burden of stammering holding me down. Thank you Doctor!!
Pooja Jai SinghHousewife
To begin with, I am a delighted and smiling mother who was full of guilt and dismay of not giving enough time to my son until his 2.5 years of age. Dismay was purely due to the speech and pronunciation of my son Kaabir who is now 5 years old. Unfortunately, the beginning sound of his name “K” is what he couldn’t pronounce and he started to lose his confidence. Today he fluently and confidently says aloud the letter K and this is definitely because of Dr.Nehal. She is like a mother when she takes over the therapy sessions, full of patience, confident and a complete go-getter. She is very clear about the practice and tools to use, soft spoken and patient. Her play-way methods with children and guidance to the parents for practice are very systematic. Thank you and we require more such therapists and doctors who don’t give up and are positive.
Hemangini BafnaEntrepreneur
I have had the most wonderful experience at the Lets Talk Speech Therapy center. Dr. Nehal is an extremely wonderful, loving and caring person. She acknowledges each child as an important person and as her own. Speech is a very important part of a person's life and I am blessed to have her play this significant role. Dr. Nehal, your smiling face always makes me feel comfortable and reminds me that everything is going to be alright, as a parent. Trust me it has indeed been alright and have seen a huge transformation in my son. From a child who uttered just few basic words until a few months back to now jabbering away. Thank you for being such a warm and concerned person to my son, Yuvaan. I am so glad to have had the pleasure of meeting you and interacting with you.
Vaishali DholakiaHome Maker
I would like to say that Dr. Nehal is wonderful at what she does. She knows exactly how to get the best out of each of her patients. Thank you for being one of the very important step in Arhaan's journey of life. There have been many improvements in his language and speech. Thank you for being so patient with him and of course a thank you to all your assistants. They have been very helpful to him. Lastly, your help, care and concern is highly appreciated. We are glad to have found you.
Dr. U.B.KalaigarSurgeon, Surat
I am very thankful to Dr. Nehal Kothari to help me in my speech problem. She is very kind and has helping nature and was very encouraging to solve my speech problem. She is having profound knowledge of subject and is very co-operative with patient.

I wish her the best and may God bless her.
Shadab AliMBA Student, Pune.
How you are going to feel if you are a boy and have a voice like a girl? Yes. I had voice like a girl. I was not able to crack my interview because of my voice. My voice has been my biggest weakness. I had everything- a good academic background, a good college but not a good voice.

I came to know about Dr. Nehal’s Voice Therapy. Then, I went to her and discussed my problem. Today, i.e. 27 May 2013 I can proudly say that yes I have a voice like a male. She gave me certain exercises to do and few tips, that’s all, now my voice has changed.

I think I have solved the biggest problem of my life. Thank you Dr. Nehal.
Archita MhatreEngineer
My 9 years old daughter, Anshuli has been consulting Dr. Nehal Kothari for speech therapy for the past 6 months and the results were dramatic. Anshuli’s evaluation was apraxia. Due to this I felt helpless, as it was very difficult to communicate effectively with Anshuli. This resulted in frequent tantrums. Dr. Nehal trained me and Anshuli to use iPad applications for need based communication. Nehal’s therapy techniques are highly effective. She began with a few simple applications and progressed from there on. Nehal is creative. She is working with Anshuli on resolving oromotor issues. I found Nehal’s consultation very helpful. I sincerely appreciate Nehal’s tips and advice. I look forward to get more guidance from her to improve Anshuli’s verbal communication.
Dhwani LallLawyer
Dr. Nehal Kothari has helped us to change the way our son speaks. He has been visiting her since he is 4 years old about once a week for a duration of 4 months. We were very happy with the/her service and especially liked the explanation given to us and her ability to engage our child playfully. He was very comfortable with her. Her knowledge about the subject seems very acute and we appreciate her effort. He is now almost 5 years old and speaking very clearly. A warm “Thank You”.
Rashmi, (Mother of Srishti and Priyam)Home Maker
I consulted Dr. Nehal for improving speech production skills for both my children. As parent I tried several times to facilitate the correct pronunciation but was unsuccessful. Under her guidance, they were able to improve their speech in no time. They both enjoyed the engaging approach and diverse activities that were used during the sessions. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who needs it.