Shweta & Gautam KediaShare Broker
At the age of 39, my husband had stroke (on 28/02/2011) that resulted in Aphasia and Apraxia. He could not speak. I was worried how he will talk. Until I met with Dr. Nehal Kothari on 08/04/2011 he could say only one single word “yes”. Besides, his speech was not clear, nobody was able to understand him and he found great difficulty in responding to simple questions. Then he started speech therapy with Dr. Kothari. With her personalized therapy, home program and diligence his speech improved remarkably. Only in span of two weeks, I noted huge difference in his speech. At present (July 2011), he can converse with family, friends and relatives. He also manages to talk with relative ease on phone. I am certain that he will be able to regain near normal speech and literacy skills in coming months of therapy.
Shweta UdaniSportsperson
My daughter Dhruvi is born 3 months premature. She faced delay in everything including speech. We got her to Dr. Nehal last year and within 9 months saw a miraculous improvement in her speech.

When we first met Dr. Nehal, Dhruvi could not even speak “mamma” or “dada: and now she can easily construct sentences! We are extremely grateful to Dr. Nehal.

Dr. Nehal gives her 100% to her patients and makes sure the results are achieved in time. Dhruvi loves her speech therapy sessions and looks forward to meet her.

I am very thankful to Dr. Nehal. Thank you
Prachi ModyHair Stylist
My son Rayansh is 3.5 years old. He is a Down’s syndrome child. There was overall delay in everything since his birth. But, speech was delayed significantly. He started babbling around 2.5 years and said only “baba”.

I hadn’t take Speech Therapy till 2.5 years and then came to know about Dr. Nehal Kothari. Now, after 8-10 months of therapy, there is a vast difference in him. He has started saying many words. Dr. Nehal puts in a lot of effort to make this possible. Though he is bit lazy to talk, his expressive vocabulary has increased to 40-50 words in a short time and overall, in his language abilities there is a tremendous improvement. Besides, because of the oro-motor exercises given by Dr. Nehal, his eating habits have also improved. This can go on and on as she puts in a lot of efforts.

At the end, I would only say she is really good and have given us a hope that he would soon converse faster and has reduced our worry that in school there may be a problem because of speech delay.

Thanks a lot doc.
A.C.P. Ahmad Abdur-RahmanHead C.I.D., Nigeria.
I came to Dr. Nehal for speech therapy being referred to by Dr. Shah. But within the few days, she had helped me boost my voice tremendously. I am highly impressed with the Doctor’s dexterity and zeal to pragmatically practice her profession and allow it to impact on the life improvement of her patients. Sky will be the limit of this young professional.
Juthika BarmanSinger. (Andheri- East)
I am a singer and I have started singing since age of five. I never had any problem. Suddenly after my H.S.C. there was a gap of one year from singing due to my exams. When I started singing after one year my voice started to sound very hoarse, raspy and scratchy. I had to stop singing for four months as my voice got totally hoarse. After four months, I met Dr. Nehal Kothari. She helped me incredibly. She is not just a doctor but a guide and a very friendly person.

The first day I met her she smiled and told me that she’s positive I‘ll be able to sing again and I got some hope. After two months of treatment; I have started singing and found a great difference with my voice; it is better than before. Earlier my voice used to get tired. Now, I don’t feel any vocal fatigue. For me she has done wonder to my voice.

I am very satisfied with her treatment. I would like to give her big thanks for what she has done. Thank you!
S. S. BhandariFCA, Jaipur
I was delighted to consult Dr. Nehal Kothari after I had surgery of vocal cord. The observations and feelings experienced are same as that of Ms. Juthika Burman (in previous testimonial). It truly reflects Dr. Nehal’s competence, patience and thorough knowledge and expertise she has on the subject.

I am 66 and have been a senior professional in my field and to convince and explain me about importance of the therapy required for recovery post-surgery was admirable and great. I admire her excellence. I appreciate her commitment and wish her that may she achieve a greater milestone in her career.
Rajesh ShahDiamond Merchant
Nehal Kothari as Speech Therapist is extremely perfect and professional. When I came to her on April 13, my voice was very hoarse and very bad but after consulting her I came to know about my voice problem. It was there from past 13 years and was undiagnosed and she gave me the right guidance and treatment. Today I am very happy with my voice due to her. She is extremely perfect in her profession. Many many thanks to her for giving me the treatment very patiently. Thank You.
Dr. Gabriele SiebertGeneral Konsulat, Mumbai
My daughter Rebecca had to do a social change project for her school. Without even thinking twice, she opted for a song to fight discrimination of people with disabilities. She was inspired by her elder sister Alexandra who loves to sing. So Rebecca composed a song for her, practised it with her and had their performance videotaped. You can watch it on Youtube:

Alexandra enjoyed the whole process. Although the lyrics of the chorus were quite difficult for her, she never gave up practising. She knows that the effort is worthwhile, as she attends regular speech therapy lessons at Nehal Kothari’s, who helps her improving her pronunciation, vocab and sentence structure. She is always looking forward to these sessions.

Note: Patient’s Consent has been taken to release these videos on the web.
Hansa ShettyBanker, Churchgate
My Daughter Maanya Shetty had a stammering problem for a long time. It’s almost 10 months now. Dr. Nehal is like an angel for my daughter. There is so much improvement. Maanya is much more confident of herself now. Takes part in most of the drama in school. Dr Nehal is so good with kids, she knows how to handle them so well, Maanya always looks forward to meet Dr Nehal.
Thank you so much Dr. Nehal, if not for you this would have been impossible.
Snigdha BafnaStudent, Jaipur
It was a pleasure to have a doctor like Dr Nehal Kothari. With her only I am able to speak properly and am getting to know the right words. In a short span of time she made me improve and helped me in my weakness. I will never forget it. She has boosted my confidence.
Thank you Nehal ma’am for helping me improve and helping me.
Aarav Jain/ Meetu JainMother, Pune
Coming all the way from Pune was not easy but surely rewarding. My son who was 3.3years old was not speaking proper sentences when we decided to see Dr Kothari. It is three months now and the results are remarkable. The structured approach and systematic procedure followed by Dr Kothari introduced my son to the world of language. He is, today a very confident child and I am a proud mother.
Kantilal K. ShethBusinessman
I came to Dr. Nehal Kothari’s clinic for my voice treatment. I am 91 years old; my vocal cord muscles got weak due to the aging process and Parkinson’s Disorder. Initially before the training process, I was able to exercise for 4-5 seconds in one breath. I could speak only few sentences at a stretch before the muscles got tired. Now after training, I am able to exercise in one breath 9-10 seconds and can read loudly for 13-15 minutes at a stretch. I am now able to speak louder so that others can understand. All these improvements are due to the pain staking efforts taken by Dr. Neal Kothari. She has patience and is a cool headed person. I am grateful to her for much improvement in my voice.
Shweta JhaveriInsurance Agent
Dr. Kothari worked with my four-year-old son for improving his speech clarity. My son could not say several sounds correctly. It was difficult for us to understand what he was saying; bedsides his teachers.

Today, his speech is absolutely clear and is well understood by peers, family and at school. Dr. Kothari has been outstanding not only in her knowledge but also in the way she has explained the problem and conducted the treatment.

Her enthusiasm for what she is doing and the goals she desires are reflected in her work. She is outstanding in her profession and I would highly recommend her to anyone.