Tanya Rawat- GuptaOwner - Metro Theater
Our first meeting with Nehal was back in 2004 when she'd just freshly graduated from Nair's Speech and Audiology Program. Having had our 3yr old daughter Kiara treated by highly trained and recognized therapists (PT, OT & ST) in New York, we were a bit reluctant about a recent graduate treating Kiara especially since speech therapy unlike other therapies sometimes involves very complex functions. Kiara at this point barely said 'ma-ma". However, once Nehal joined us, Kiara's progress graph literally took off! She started saying more and more words in a very short period of time. Nehal left us a year later to pursue higher education by which time she'd laid a really strong foundation for other therapists to build on. Kiara was already conversing in short phrases by then. Other therapists continued to come and go, but none had the intellect, the skill, the thought process, the dedication that Nehal has. Despite a gap of over 4 years since Nehal left and resumed working with Kiara, she had no significant regression and we managed to continue our progress trajectory.

Today Kiara is 9.5 years old. She speaks 3 languages (English, Hindi & Bengali), is very articulate, is mostly understood, and even has a sense of humour in speech! Whilst our battle is far from over and we have a long way to go, I can truly say Kiara has gained what the special needs population touts to be the most important function of all - SPEECH and the ability to communicate with the world around. For this the credit goes wholly and solely to Nehal. She has been single handedly responsible for Kiara speaking and for this we can’t thank her enough.

We wish that other kids would be also benefit from her just as we have. We wish her all the very best in her every endeavour in life.
Narotam SekhseriaChairman Ambuja Cements Ltd. & ACC, Mumbai
About 5 years back, I started having trouble with my speech, and my condition kept on deteriorating until it reached a stage where even my family and others close to me had trouble understanding what I said. It was then that I consulted Dr. Krishnamurthy, and she recommended Dr. Nehal Kothari to me.

In Dr. Kothari, I found a young and enthusiastic therapist who is very engaged with her patients. She started working with me, and her passion and commitment to helping me overcome my speech problems led to a considerable improvement in my condition. Slowly and steadily, my clarity of speech started returning, and people close to me found it easier to understand what I said.

It is at this stage that I considered taking on more public speaking engagements such as Board meetings, AGM, and other corporate functions. With Dr. Kothari’s help, I was able to tackle this challenge head-on and am well on the path to successfully overcoming it.

On the whole, I am a very satisfied patient and am very impressed with the professionalism, sensitivity and empathy with which Dr. Kothari has handled my case. I strongly recommend her for anyone seeking Speech Therapy.
Shalini SarafHome Maker
My daughter Anaya gets convulsion due to which many a times overall development of the child gets delayed. At the age of around 1.6 years we felt Anaya wasn’t speaking as much she should. Then, we got in touch with Dr. Nehal and after that there has been no looking back. Today, Anaya is 2.5 years old and she has shown tremendous progress in her speech. This is all thanks to Dr. Nehal’s dedication towards each child who comes to her.

Anaya has got her self-confidence because of her speech. She has become more confident in a crowd. She has improved in her social skills as well. And the most important quality Dr. Nehal has is that my daughter looks forward to coming to her clinic and she thoroughly enjoys her sessions.

I would like to just say one thing in the end; that, I made the right choice by getting my child here.
Kalpana M.EX-SVP at G.E.
I started working with Dr. Kothari to regain my communication skills three months after my stroke in 2009. The neurological damage left me literally wordless; struggling to even name basic household objects like spoon and glass. Post evaluation, Dr. Kothari provided intensive speech therapy sessions. The techniques used were extremely stimulating. Therapy has progressed so well that I’ve gone from not being able to name and recognize simple objects and pictures to having fluid conversations and participating in lengthy discussions with fellow colleagues at work. From struggling to even read advertisement boards and sub titles on T.V. I’ve progressed to reading and understanding Economic Times and Agatha Christy’s novels. Thanks to Dr. Kothari’s optimistic and practical approach my progress continues to be better and better.
Sonal DhaddaJewellery Designer
My son started stuttering at the age of 2.5. Initially it was only for few words but gradually it progressed and became more evident in his conversations. After six months, I realised his smooth speech is very important so I consulted Dr. Nehal and the difference could be seen right from the day I started.

My son loves the friendly ambience and thoroughly enjoys the play activities and toys used with him during his sessions; which is very important for his speech improvement. I really appreciate Dr. Nehal’s working style, her systematic approach and patient way of handling my son who is very hyperactive. All he needed was the right approach at the right time to help him talk smoothly. This is what you would find here at Dr Nehal’s clinic.
Harsh V. KanoriaBusinessman, Delhi
I had a phonetic gap and my voice was very weak and had difficulty to speak. In a very short period of 2 months of therapy, Ms. Kothari was able to make it normal. She is extremely knowledgeable on the subject; methodical as well as professional. It was a pleasure to work with her!
Neha Talati-ShahAssistant Manager –Internal Audit
My son is now 2.5 years old. I started consulting Nehal when he was 1.5 and not saying any meaningful words. I was very tensed. I remember that just after 15 days of my first visit my son started speaking 10 meaningful words, which in no time became 75 words and there on his vocabulary significantly expanded.

I must mention the fact that during my panic attacks, I insisted to Dr. Nehal to see Kahan for intensive therapy sessions. However, she explained me that if I follow the recommended home program and see her weekly, Kahan will continue to progress. This is the best part about her, because now days all doctors recommend treatment/therapy when we don't need it!!

It is said that you have to be a good listener to be a good speaker. The same theory Dr. Nehal applied with a twist - to make my son talk, she listened with great patience!

Thanks a lot!
Madhu GoenkaEntrepreneur, Kolkata
I had a phonetic gap and adductor weakness. My voice had almost gone! Nehal worked so patiently and consistently with me and got me going again! I cannot thank her enough. She is brilliant!!
Amisha ShahHome Maker
Dr. Nehal started working with Yuv, when he was 3.3 years old. He was severely unintelligible and could barely say 3-4 labial consonants such as p.b.m.v and f. Now at the age of 8 years, Yuv has made great progress. He says almost all consonants accurately in conversations such as n, l, h, bh, k, g, th, d, kh, gh, t, d, /t/, /d/, dh,s, sh, ch. Everyone is noticing a change and have reported that he sounds much more clearer. He is easily understood now by peers, family members and teachers. Aside from Dr. Nehal’s demonstrated knowledge of speech issues and therapy, she finds creative ways to engage Yuv and works with his personality and mood-of-the-moment to keep his motivation high. And I am Very Happy with Dr. Nehal.
Sahm CooperStudent- Film Academy
Dr. Kothari has come across as a dedicated professional alongside her respectful attitude. I recommend her services to any patients desirous of Speech Therapy. Her workload is rigorous but results are guaranteed. I respect that she has an effective work ethic acquired both from USA and India. Her clinical skills are as competent and professional as a veteran. If you require Speech Therapy Services DO NOT THINK TWICE!
Alifiya MojawalaTeacher in IB School
My son Huzaifa is 6 years old. He is currently studying in Sr. Kg. I noticed he was having some difficulties in pronouncing certain words and his rate of speech was a bit fast. The last straw in the hat was when his teacher told me when he was not selected for elocution. They said that he was talking so fast that his words were getting jumbled and they could not hear him out clearly. Though I'm a teacher myself, I realized that I needed professional intervention to put him back on track, as it was very important for his self-confidence.

He has been taking therapy for the past 8 months at "Let's talk speech therapy". His rate of speed has improved tremendously and also his pronunciation. He is now at the end of his session and I'm very pleased with his progress and the way Ms. Nehal has handled my son. I strongly recommend speech therapy for any child who requires it for early correction.