Role of Speech Therapist

With comprehensive knowledge of Speech-Language therapy, Ms. Kothari conducts various speech therapy activities and exercises for children and adults. To begin with, she will evaluate the existing condition of the individual's communication difficulties and accordingly decide the therapy techniques based on the intensity of the problems.

During the evaluation, Ms. Kothari will also assess what an individual can say & understand, person's ability to use language in social context, one’s attempt to other ways of communication, sound development , clarity of speech and their oral motor status (eating, drinking and swallowing).

Role of a Speech Therapist:

  • Providing prevention, screening, consultation, diagnostic, therapeutic counseling, and follow-up services.
  • Selecting, devising and/or prescribing appropriate Augmentative Communication tool.
  • Aural rehabilitation (Speech reading, auditory training).
  • Collaborating in the assessment of central auditory processing disorders and providing intervention.
  • Recognize the special needs of culturally diverse populations.
  • Provide services using tele-electronic diagnostic measures and treatment methodologies.