Communication Devices

Augmentative communication devices are tools that enable people with severe speech impairments to express themselves. These devices allow people to say what they want and as quickly as they can to be a valuable communicator. They can express their feelings, thoughts, ideas and get their needs met. These devices help individuals with special needs or disabilities to feel more independent and they facilitate their participation in group activities.

These devices can range from a simple board with pictures representing an individual’s daily needs to complex electronic speech synthesizers. Specific groups of users could be individuals with cerebral palsy, intellectual impairments, autism, dyspraxia, aphasia. These devices may also benefit individuals with traumatic brain injuries or other neurological disorders resulting in severe speech impairment.

With technological advancements, Communication Devices are making enormous strides. Devices are becoming more user friendly and easy to access, It is allowing a lot of people to reap benefits of this technology.